Remote Access

  • Integration with existing Authentication, Authorization, and Auditing (AAA) systems
  • Integration of Remote Access solutions with multi-factor authentication services. Examples include RSA SecurID, Verisign, and newer tokenless (email and/or phone based) multi-factor authentication solutions.
  • Configuration of Client Interrogation and Verification software ensures that remote clients are updated and virus-free before allowing access to your internal resources
  • Ability to deploy cache cleaning software to ensure that no sensitive data fragments remain on remote machines after they have disconnected. Allows users of shared and kiosk type machines to securely connect to your network.
  • Experience integrating VPNs with web applications using Single Sign On (SSO) to ensure seamless integration with protected internal applications
  • Reverse proxy deployments as well as more traditional routed IP VPN deployments
  • Complex web application (including SharePoint) integration


  • Security-centric solution design
  • Vendor neutral requirements analysis of capacity and functional needs
  • Experience designing multi-tiered remote access solutions to allow employees, business partners, and customers the access they need, while restricting access to sensitive business systems
  • Experience with all commonly used Remote Access Technologies including:
    • Full SSL based VPN deployments
    • Web based, clientless SSL-VPN deployments for secure employee, partner, or customer access
    • IPsec based VPN
    • Simple Microsoft VPN using PPTP or LT2P/IPsec
    • Citrix Integration
    • Desktop Virtualization
    • Terminal Services