Not to get all philosophical, but if you don’t measure your IT’s performance in key areas, how do you know how well it’s really performing? If it’s as secure as it should be? If the new gear is properly configured and performing as well as it should be? Or if what you’ve built is cost-effective?

ITPRO365 can help you answer all of those questions (and more) using three high-level assessments designed to evaluate your IT’s capacity and potential.

Performance Assessments

  • Identify fixes for recurring performance problems
  • Prevent costly failures
  • Deliver valuable strategic insight about performance and design compared to best methods

Security Assessments

  • Ensure your data and information is safe
  • Avoid costly security failures
  • Identify compliance risks

Cloud Readiness Assessments

  • Evaluate if cloud computing is a good fit for achieving your IT goals
  • Identify applications that meet your company’s needs and offer the best return
  • Provide specific architectural recommendations to meet your unique needs, including private, public or hybrid cloud solutions

These assessments let us leverage our experience to create specific recommendations to help you develop – and realize – your long term IT goals. And that gives your company the edge it needs to become more successful – by any measure.